For over 30 years, the Westerly Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force has committed itself to dynamic substance misuse prevention work in the community by…

  • Offering to our youth programs and resources to increase the protective factors that prevent substance misuse

  • Informing the community of the impacts and complexities of substance misuse

  • Engaging the public school system to develop substance misuse prevention curricula for middle and high school students

  • Educating parents on how to identify illicit substances and to recognize methods and devices with which their children might store and conceal drugs and paraphernalia

  • Hosting informative public panel discussions and events

  • Producing public service announcements for mainstream and social media

  • Spearheading a vast data-collection effort, in conjunction with law enforcement, public officials and other partners from Westerly and beyond, to better understand substance misuse in our community

  • Managing almost a half-million dollars in grant funds to support these services and activities over the last four years