A Word From Our Committee Chair

A good friend lost a son to suicide the evening of Wednesday, August 2nd, another victim of the remorseless societal scourge that is substance abuse.

As I cast aimlessly about, trying to cope with the ghastliness and devastation of it all, I happened across this rather haunting version of a cherished anthem of the misspent portion of a reckless youth that I was fortunate enough to survive.

Seeking solace in the familiar tune, I soon realized that I'd never given much thought to the lyrics. Especially this one:

"...got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night. The first one's named 'Sweet Ann Marie' and she's my heart's delight. The second one is prison baby, the sheriff's on my trail, and if he catches up with me I'll spend my life in jail."

Contemplate the essence of addiction, for what that's worth, and behold the seeming metaphor...